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    An Introduction to New England BMPs for Sports Field Managers

    Vickie Wallace, UConn

    Join us for a review of this valuable new reference. See how it positions New England’s sports field managers as educated and highly trained professionals who make decisions based on scientific fact and experience. Learn how to use the tools and resources provided to document solid, environmental practices when communicating with state officials, employers, organizations, and communities. Check out local case studies on topics like water conservation, dealing with synthetic pesticide bans, fraise mowing for weed control, and more.

    About our speaker

    Victoria Wallace serves as the State Extension Educator of Sustainable Landscapes for the University of Connecticut. With a focus on sustainable turf and landscape practices, she works closely with landscape and turf professionals, including municipal and school turf managers who require pesticide-free management programs to maintain their athletic fields and grounds. She also evaluates turfgrasses for low input use.

    Prior to joining the faculty at UConn, Ms. Wallace worked in the turfgrass seed industry as both agronomist and sales representative. Ms. Wallace received her B.S. from Penn State University and her M.S. from the University of Rhode Island.

    Ms. Wallace is a past president of the NESTMA and is technical editor of the association’s Blade magazine. In addition to many volunteer roles on the national level, she currently serves as a co-chair of the SFMA Environment Committee and was the as chair of the SFMA BMP Task Force. She also led the group of NESTMA member volunteers that developed the BMPs for New England.

    NESTMA’s “Best Management Practices for the Sports Field Manager: A Professional Guide for Environmental Sports Field Management in New England” is available to current NESTMA members at no charge. Members are invited to visit NESTMA.org to download a digital copy. There is a limited number of printed copies available for $65, while supplies last. Please contact NESTMA to place your order.

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