Groundsman II - Wilmington DPW Parks and Grounds Division

Wednesday, February 19, 2020 11:05 AM | Jamie Magaldi



Manual work in the care of Town-owned grounds; all other related work as required.  $1,021.21/wk - $1,195.19/wk, M-F 6:30am to 3pm, with overtime.

Distinguishing Characteristics:

Works under the direct supervision of Parks & Grounds Foreman (Head Groundsman)

Performs a variety of routine and repetitive tasks, with work checked during progress and upon completion for satisfactory performance.

Makes few contacts beyond immediate associates.

Continuous and strenuous physical effort demanded in walking, bending, standing and lifting or carrying equipment, tools and materials while performing duties under varying weather conditions.

Examples of Work:

Performs manual work in digging and in back-filling excavations; handles heavy materials on maintenance and repair projects.

Seeds, loams, fertilizes, rakes, rolls, weeds, mows and waters lawn areas.

Plants, trims and cuts hedges, shrubbery and flowers; rakes up and disposes of rubbish and leaves.

Drags and marks playing fields and works on irrigation systems.

Operates equipment such as power-mowers, light trucks, brush cutters, snow plows, power saws, line painters, small tractors and other parks and grounds equipment.

Maintains and marks play fields; maintains tennis courts and skating rinks; repairs and paints benches, back stops and bleachers; installs and maintains playground equipment.

Plows snow and removes ice and snow from walks, drives and pavements.

Transports and sets up staging and risers; moves furniture and equipment.

Performs other work of the Department of Public Works as directed by the Director of Public Works, Operations Manager, and Operations Supervisor.


Education and Experience:

High School education; or any equivalent combination of education and experience.  Background in agronomy, turf management, or related course work a plus.

Knowledge, Ability, Skill:

Ability to lift heavy objects and to work continuously under varying weather conditions.  Ability to understand and follow oral instructions.  Ability to use hand tools and operate power equipment.  Possession of CDL required.  Possession of a pesticide license and hoisting license preferred but not required.

Submit resume and application to the Assistant Town Manager/Director of Human Resources.

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